Roxana Vieira: Guest Star


Roxana Vieira was born in Bolivia, South America, came to USA in 1994, when she was 32 years of age. She has a 16 years old daughter, Binah Gabriela.

She studied Business Administration from San Simon University of Cochabamba Bolivia and Secretary School from Rio the Janeiro, Brazil in 1988. It was in Rio where she experienced the taste of fresh sea food for the first time. She fell in love with the cuisine adding to her sense of her involvement in the food arena. Roxana has a catering business (Catering by Roxana) serving the Chicago area for some years.

Roxana felt a tremendous passion for the kitchen and food since she was very young. For her food is not the question of taste (which is important) but also the combination of ingredients and the presentation of the foods. She also was deeply influenced by her grandmother Oliva, whom treated foods as a highly important aspect of life. Grandmother’s desire was always to feed those who entered her house making them feel satisfied and whole.

Her desire in the field of foods, lead her to explore many different types of cuisines. As a result she has developed her own style and taste; making her kitchen unique.

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Phone: 312-255-0069  Cell: 773-716-7776