Jatiziry Garcia: Hairstylist


Jatiziry Garcia lives in Chicago since 2003. Influenced by her aunt Araceli Garcia, owner of Ara Hair Salon & Spa, Jatziry has worked in the beauty industry since 2005. Initially she worked as an assistant and receptionist but having demonstrated the capacity and professionalism she took the position of salon manager in 2009.

Starting at age 18, Jatziry was able to grow within a creative environment that helped her artistic abilities evolve. She studied at Capelli Academy of Cosmetology and having learned the necessary techniques, since 2006 is a Licensed Cosmetologist. She is also a specialist in skincare, having received a certification from Dermalogica (R) in 2012.

“I like working day after day with different people and their different personalities, to see how they come to the salon looking one way y leave with a different look, whether its in their hair or their skin. I also like being present for people’s important moments, like doing their hair or make-up for a graduation, a wedding or simply because they want to see a fresh new look when they see themselves in the mirror”

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