The Show

Hi, I’m Victoria Czech. Come join me as I’ll be slicin’ and dicin’ with everyday food fanatics – drinking cocktails, swapping stories, drinking more cocktails, and helping my culinary companions work their mouth-watering magic right here in my kitchen. Each episode I will introduce you to a new friend with a passion for cooking, who will share with us their very own secret, homemade recipe. So, grab your apron and let’s see what’s on the chomping block this week on I’d Chomp That!”
Thanks to my awesome writer Dan, that pretty much sums up the show. I would like to introduce you to my fabulous crew that worked on our first pilot that was filmed on August 28, 2012. Every one of these talented people generously gave their time to make this show happen. I am forever grateful and look forward to working with everyone again. Each person has a very specific skill and is available for any questions you may have for their services.

I'd Chomp That Writer

Dan Dziedzic: Writer

I'd Chomp That Director

Russel Roberts: Director

I'd Chomp That Director Assistant

Amanda Godfrey: Director Assistant

I'd Chomp That Editor

Matthew Weinstein: Editor

I'd Chomp That Food Stylist & Camera Operator

Rick Cooke: Food Stylist & Camera Operator

I'd Chomp That Makeup Artist

Genell Banks: Makeup Artist

I'd Chomp That Hairstylist

Jatiziry Garcia: Hairstylist

I'd Chomp That Guest Star

Roxana Vieira: Guest Star

I'd Chomp That Director of Photography

Christopher Schulp: Director of Photography